Welcome to the Joan Lingard Law Review

The field of law can be a precarious profession, whether you’re paying or you are the one with their hand out to be paid. So much of the business is subjective, and coming to a clinical or definitive position on a legal question can be very difficult, indeed.

Even stepping back from finding answers to some of the most pressing legal questions, there is often a general reluctance from the general public to pay for legal fees, as paying the man is often somewhat removed from the immediate consequences of the offence or case in question.

For example, if someone were to say to you – “ok, you’re twice over the legal limit to drive and you are driving. Your options are 1. to lose your licence for two years, or 2. pay to your local Solicitor £500 and they will keep you of jail, and do their best for you to keep their licence as well then, of course, everyone would pay immediately.